Friday, October 12, 2012

Social Media

I've been realizing it can definitely be used for bad purposes....and how horrible is that

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Prayers Go Out To Them Tonight

It's sad to think that every day tons of people take their own lives. I've known people who have and wondered if there was any way it could have been prevented. And of course there is always a way. No matter what you may be going through, remember all the good things in your life. Remember your family and friends and all the other people who would miss you. Even if you are feeling alone, remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know what you are going through and will always love you unconditionally. They can help you through anything. Even if it feels like you just can't go on anymore, keep pushing. I've felt like giving up at times, but then I remember other people have it worse. I am blessed in so many ways and I want to help those around me. I pray that I may be a better person every day. I hope I can show those around me my love for them. I hope I can remember my blessings forever. There is no better feeling than being a good friend to someone. Nothing beats that-not even riches or fame. I would rather people remember me for being nice than being wealthy. For being their friend instead of wearing cute clothes all the time. For smiling at them in the halls instead of having good hair or perfect skin. Those are the things worth living for. And others may judge me for not having good style and not always looking cute. But I would rather make an impact in someone's life. Bring others up, not down. Be happy for others. Make them want to be your friend because you are trustworthy, not because "you know how to party". Because in the end, none of that will matter. My prayers go out to that family tonight. God loves your son and will help him through this.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Savio's Birthday!!!

So over the past few days, I have been giving Savio his presents in moderation. But Friday was his birthday!!! Too bad he had to work :( total I got him gift cards, tons of food, a couple shirts, a tie, a journal for his mission, and I made him a blanket and a cake. The cake turned out super cute-it was the Holland Flag with a Soccer Ball on top. I also got him a jar of Riesen candies with a sticker on each one with a reason of why I love him and the jar said "Riesens I Love You". I can't really remember anything else I got him but I know there is more. Oh and a balloon and crown. But our whole group went out to dinner at Red Robin and it was way fun :) and then hung out at my house after!! I hope he had a great birthday! I love you Sav!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Farewell Evan!

Today, my friend Evan Broby gave his farewell talk. He will be serving his mission in Ventura California. I met him on the trek when we were 14 and he is still one of the funniest guys ever. Good luck out there Evan!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Savio-My Boyfriend and Best Friend

I haven't really mentioned Savio too much in my blog since I began blogging again. Savio and I met through mutual friends and started dating in November. We hit it off SUPER quick, but soon found that we were complete opposites! However, it's really good in our relationship. We compliment each other so well and get along better than I have with any other boyfriend. He truly is the highlight of my life and I can't wait til the next time I get to be with him whenever we are away from each other. He just completes me! I love everything about him. He is SO handsome, sweet, considerate, funny, nerdy (in a fun way), and like I could seriously go on and on. He treats me so amazingly. He is always opening doors for me and constantly doing things for me. I don't think he realizes how much he actually does for me and how thankful I am for all that he does for me! Savio is just completely amazing! His full name is Savio Kenneth Roberts and he was born in Holland. He is part Dutch and part Polish. He has lived here for about 7 years. I absolutely LOVE his family! His stepdad is Shad, mom is Marzena and has two sisters who are the cutest little girls in the world-Kiana and Alani. I spend a lot of time at his house and I am very close with his family. Everything about our relationship is just perfect and I couldn't be happier!
Sun's Game


Prom #1

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Prom #2
Prom #1
After a Diamondbacks Game
After his Eagle Court of Honor

Girls Day!

Today, I spent the day with my beautiful, funny best friend Marisa Dugdale! We haven't really kept in touch since junior year but lately we have been talking more and more. We have been hanging out as well too! Today, we went shopping and had tons of fun! There was never a dull moment! I got 3 shirts and then something for Savio for his birthday. I seriously love her to death! The picture I'm posting with this is from 2 years ago :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today I went bowling with Savio and his family! It was so fun! Sav and I betted a foot massage for whoever won and I won one game and he won one game. Overall, we had a blast making fun of each other!